My SleepPhone Wireless Were My Single Best Purchase Of 2014!


SleepPhones Wireless more than exceeded my expectations for a wireless solution to my audiobook & music problem! The reality is when I initially picked them up, I wasn’t exactly sure what I would be getting.  I knew I was getting a headband ;) however I wasn’t sure what to expect concerning the internal speakers and wireless receiver.  When I threw those bad boys on my head, I felt like hitting the basketball court because it’s been a long time since I wore a headband! Nonetheless, they have some very high quality speakers with thin padding, so you aren’t disturbed with extended use.  The wireless receiver on the other hand is a different story.  It’s probably the biggest item inside the headphones however it’s not an inconvenience.  So with that being said, if you’re an avid audio book lover such as myself or you need something convenient for your music.  Pick up a pair of SleepPhones Wireless right now right here: they get the Rocco Brown seal of approval!
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